Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Dirt and Politics - A Post from the Editor

As a general rule, I try not to post opinion pieces. In fact, I try not to post anything at all - and allow the community (through independent contributors) to have their voice. As the editor of the WashCo Chronicle, I strive to remain neutral on all topics, and let the facts speak for themselves.

However, I feel it is necessary to address recent issues brought up by both traditional media and social media posters. Specifically, the issue of digging up "dirt" on politicians. So while we're on the topic of dirt, I'm going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Dirt is typically an intentional distraction from the real issues.

Digging up dirt on politicians is an age old tradition used to distract people from the facts, especially when opposing candidates have a weak political platform, or view someone as a threat to their candidacy. It's also important to note that sometimes, media outlets or social media posters will purposely dig up dirt on political candidates, in order to convince voters to vote for someone else.

Lynda Givens Evans, a conservative blogger, made a very interesting observation about the Washington County Board of Education elections - there are currently three openings, and interestingly enough, another media outlet conveniently omitted dirt on three candidates.  While it is impossible to know if this was intentional or not by the other media outlet, it should be noted that in most cases, the "dirt" has nothing to do with the Board of Education elections. The fact of the matter is, if you do enough digging you can find something negative about anyone. People make mistakes - they're only human. Making mistakes is how we learn.

So this election season, I have a challenge for you the voter.  Don't ignore the dirt, but ask yourself a few questions...

1) Does this really impact a candidate's ability to perform the elected office?
2) Where is this information coming from? Is it possible the information is being purposely displayed to discourage you from voting for this candidate, or does it actually portray a fair, balanced view of all candidates?
3) Does this affect a candidate's views on important issues? Or is it just a distraction?

Focus on the issues at hand, and not just the negative information. Don't pick a candidate due to lack of a known rocky past. Instead, pick a candidate based upon how they will perform in office, and their views on the issues at hand.

I hope that with this information, you too can be an informed voter, and help to better our community.

Ken Buckler

You can view Lynda Givens Evans blog, The Liberated Conservative Woman, at

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  1. Well said, Ken! Time to focus on the people's ability to preform and keep to their platform; rather than focus on allegations and "dirt" that may or may not be true, or even be completely cleared up in the future. When all you hear about from a source is "scandals" and "allegations," and not about what they will do if elected; then that's not a reliable source to get information from.

  2. Thanks Ken ... as a candidate staying with the relevant facts always makes for a more interesting debate. Yesterday at the BoCC meeting the Assistant County Administrator walked the Commissioner's through the Economic Development issues. Fact based, insightful and thoughtful. One fact is the most often folks want to compare our economic state with the big seven counties down state. The reality is that we have very little in common with Montgomery or Howard, etc. They have the National Institutes of Health as a major employer and the federal government both drive up their median family income. The history of Washington County is in manufacturing. It will take generations and significant amounts of money to develop the high tech infrastructure to support the magnitude of technology & finance equal to the larger counties. BUT we are working on it. Our median income has increased over the past few years. Compared to our North South peers of PA & WV we are doing rather well. There is so much more exciting things to discuss in the Economic area...I look forward to that conversation some time soon.


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