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Local Author Looks to Tackle Bullying Through Childrens Book

Photo Courtesy of Stacy Einfalt
HAGERSTOWN, MD - Local author Stacy Einfalt, who lives in Hagerstown with her husband and numerous family pets, looks to tackle the subject of bullying with her book "The Horse That Looked Different".

Stacy encourages children to understand the problems with bullying through relating to animals.

In the book, the Brown family instantly fell in love with and welcomed Starlit, a spotted Appaloosa horse, to their farm. The family's three chestnut Quarter horses weren't as easily willing to accept him because he looked different from them. Until one day when the four horses went on a wild adventure and got lost. They soon begin to realize Starlit's unique qualities aren't so bad after all.

The book, which uses horses to address the issue of bullying, is dedicated to Stacy's horse Gotcha, who passed away two years ago while she was working on the story.

"I use horses to bring across the message to children that they should not judge or bully someone for being different, but rather accept and appreciate them for who they are. Children need to begin learning from a very young age that it is important for them to respect and accept one another rather than choose to bully. I feel my book could be a valuable tool to help teach children that lesson." says Stacy.

Stacy has been visiting elementary schools, daycare centers, Head Start centers, and Boys and Girls Clubs reading her story to pre-k and kindergarten aged children. She recently participated as a guest reader with her book in the Community Literacy Night event at the Hagerstown Public Library.

Nationally recognized literacy and anti-bullying organizations have given her book positive reviews and are also trying to help her spread the word about the story and its' message. Stacy has self published her book and it is available for sale in both paperback and kindle version on ( It is also available for sale on ( and at Turn The Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, MD.

"My brother was bullied in school and still at times gets picked on due to his lack of self esteem. Bullying has increasingly become worse in this day and age. It breaks my heart when I hear about a young person taking their own life or others due to them having been bullied. Children need to begin learning from a very young age that it is important for them to respect and accept one another rather than choose to bully." according to Stacy.

More information about the Stacy's book can be found at the Facebook page:

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